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Some Much Needed Divine Wisdom for the Day

My wife has shared with me some divine knowledge that I wish to pass along to all of you: Before any great thing happens, there is a testing period, a time when the dark energy has power. It is at this time when some people lose heart and give up. Here is her statement verbatim:

“So, in order to subdue the earth, we have to give up our will to the outcome. Therefore, the protocol of the Creator is always to step back and let the dark side have its moment. And that gives us an opportunity to check in with our hearts. God is not frustrated, only man is frustrated. When we act out of our frustration and anger, we are acting out of fear. Fear chases away love. We are taking it out of God’s hands. If we align with the Creator, we will align with him and his love and the intention of what we are creating. Then we know whatever happens we are aligned with God and give our lives to it, peacefully. When we are in a place of love, we do not feel powerless or frustrated. We feel the love of the Creator. It is our dark side that wants to jump out and join the enemy. We must look into the voices of fear within us. And embrace that fear with love and send love and light to those voices, let them be heard. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. There is nothing to fear!”

                                                                                                                Shauna Cuch, 11/14/2016             

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