My Dream

I had an interesting dream last night, October 23, 2015. I dreamt that I was with a young man shaman and we were on a beach some where. There was a house nestled in the beach near the surf. I went over to the house and I noticed that tide was rolling in.  The young shaman told me that the tide has never been this high. The surf began to rise up and go behind the house. I thought that it was weird that it did not go around the house and begin to wash it away but the house stayed put. Then we got into a landrover the young man was driving. We drove to higher ground and began looking around. Then I woke up!

 I should note that I had participated in a radio interview earlier that day discussing climate change.


The Man Who Saved the World

One of the most profound experiences we had this weekend attending the Parliment of World's Religions Conference was watching the video referred to above about Stanislav Petrov, the Russian Commanding Officier who saved the planet back in 1983. This incredible man chose to trust his intuition to "not" believe the computers that were indicating incoming nuclear armed missles fired by the United States. Although the computers indicated the missles had been launched, they did not have visual confirmation via their satellites. He chose not to launch a counter attack...which could not be confirmed as correct until the specified time of the arrival of the missiles on their Russian targets. For his heroism, he was disciplined for not filing a simple report of his actions. Totally distraught, he left the military and his family shunned him and eventually he was all alone. But fate would not leave him in this condition. Eventually, things began to happen. I will leave the rest to your imagination or you can go find the video. I loved one of his quotes, "The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him your friend." Stanislav Evgratovitch Petrov 


Native People Speak Out at Parliament of World Religions Conf.

I am pleased to begin this blog series again with discussions about the wisdom and power of our native people as they speak out about spirit and mother earth. Most notable are the Grandmothers and Arvol Looking Horse. There were many powerful grandmothers at this conference, over the weekend in Salt Lake City, who continue to demand attention to the need for people throughout the world to come together as one people, to stop fighting, end the violence, to begin to earnestly help one another, to end the starvation and deprivation where ever it occurs. Arvol Looking Horse said he was told that if people did not straighten up and honor our sacred ways, he would be the last carrier of the Buffalo Calf Pipe. I have followed Arvol through the years, and I can say, without a doubt, that he is sincere and true to his calling. I am honored to call him my friend. It was great to see others too such as Jane Goodall and my long time friend, Phil Lane Jr. We are making plans for the upcoming conference on Climate Change this December in Paris France. More to come on this later. Thank you.