The mental component consists of programs for both 1) mental health and 2) intellectual growth and development. 

Empowerment Training: We utilize the culturally sensitive group training programs specially designed and developed by Dr. Mack Gift, PhD, (from Salt Lake City, Utah) under the umbrage “Self-Advocacy Training.” In addition to learning various kinds of behaviors, this training provides role modeling experiences and social skills development. This training has benefitted approximately 8,000 people along the Wasatch Front.

Native Language Restoration: The Ute language is at risk and could be extinct within a few years. RAIN promotes culturally relevant curriculum, effective language restoration such as dual emersion, language nests, and other proven or effective programs. We are promoting afterschool programs that will eventually lead to and become private schools on the reservation.

Culture and History Revitalization: RAIN is a strong promoter of accurate history, story tellling, and all other forms of traditional folklore. 

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